About the collective


Les Gens Normaux came about from the interest of avid electronic music enthusiasts to experience a different format for the events in the regular electronic music scene. A format that would bring closer music, visuals and performing art forms, and promote amiable gathering.

There are notable examples on how the fine art world and the electronic music scene are coming together in our days. Institutions like The Grand Palais exhibition hall in Paris, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (abbreviated as MACBA), the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, among others, regularly host events that place face to face, in a larger scale, both worlds. Still, this atmosphere continues to be an unusual one in the standard venues.

Les Gens Normaux aims to convey this clash. Our goal is to enhance the sensorial field of the electronic party. This general direction led our starting point to be experimenting with a DJ+VJ format. A format that has proven to be, from our experience, an effective bearer of the atmosphere we desire. In our events the DJ+VJ form a dialogue where the images throb with the music and vice versa. There is a well drafted conceptual line of reference which applies to all possible art forms that can be experienced in our events.

The music is Tech-House and Minimal Techno, the visuals are an unexpected Gus-Gush of images, and our ever expanding crew includes some of the more chill-vibe people you will find in a significant radius. Our collective crafts events to incite creativity, to promote a social context where everyone is a courteous, affable neighbour from start to finish and to leave an aesthetical impression, whichever it happens to be.

lucaLuca Bellucci
Netherlands PR agent

Born in Florence, Italy. Electronic music indulgent, colourful experiences seeker and photographer. Luca is the kind of person that will make sure you feel good in any environment, familiar to hundreds in international festivals. Wanna talk about live performances and mirror images? Approach this guy!



Gustavo Fermin (Vj Gus Fermin)
Artist and graphic designer

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His seriousness will make you feel he will probably achieve first runner-up in the next regional elections. His VJing style has been defined as... well... it must be experienced in order to form an opinion.



Gabriel Lora (DJ Gabo Lora)
Artist and graphic designer

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His undetectable sense of humour will make you feel awkward. No, seriously... awkward... Most of the music he mixes comes from his own hair and it only adds to the beat-like personality that makes you come back to the booth and ask: what the hell is it that you are playing man?!?! 


leoLeandro Giardina
France PR agent

Born in the Argentinian city of a football god and an emblematic revolutionary. This mystical creature makes the best chori-panes with chimichurri in the world. An expert in sculpting a smile out of the most rigid stone.



 Crew Persona

Enthusiast of human encounters

Born in Planet Earth, Light System, the Love-cluster. All over the place, shuffling, spreading Love from above and sharing energy. Sometimes visible, sometimes kissable, sometimes not... but always there. Keep your hearts, your mind, your feelings, your emotions and sensations ready for this encounter. Love is an energy.